Ok so its nearly that time again when we all run around like the headless chickens putting the finishing touches to this years new games so as the teams can run around like headless chickens.

As always there will be some new games and some old games, we couldn’t think about Wakky races without putting the Larger louts on the list first. (see below)

Its a pretty safe bet that the teams who have played before haven’t been practising this one for 12 months and if they have, they should be under lock and key in that nice room with the lovely padded wallpaper.

We have decided to go Skiing this year as well very upmarket for us, maybe next year a few polo ponies will appear on the scene!!! I’m sure this one will be as easy as falling off a log (or ski)

For the people who are planning to take part and have been saying all along that they will put a team in, beware there are only 10 places and 12 teams have said that they are going to play!!!!

5 teams have already paid their money securing a place, that leaves the other 7 looking at 5 places it will be first come first served and there is not long to go so hurry up and part with your cash.

Steve Crate