RSVP Bhangra

Saturday 5th October 2013


Saturday Oct 5th 2013.EVERSHOT Village Hall

RSVP is a Bhangra band that blends traditional Punjabi celebratory folk music with Western musical influences to create a sound that is both different and exciting. Using the universal language of music and dance to communicate across all cultures and ages their performances are interactive and highly entertaining.From stages at Glastonbury and Womad to concert venues around the country, RSVP always manage to get even the most reluctant on their feet. Every show comes with an introduction to Bhangra dance- everyone is included with RSVP’s emphasis on having fun and partying Punjabi style. With musicians drawn from one family, wholly rooted in an authentic living tradition but unafraid to innovate, this is the ultimate celebratory Indian music. Expect to dance!

Doors open 8.00pm, Music starts 8.30pm. BAR

Tickets:£9, £6(u18), £25(fam 4)on door if available or in advance from
Tel: 01935 83580 or Evershot Village Shop