The BAND-ON.co.uk crew take a well earned rest to enjoy this summer’s festivals. Gigs at Evershot Village Hall will start up again in the autumn when the evenings begin to draw in.

It was a busy weekend with SNEEKY PETE and our special mystery guest who blew us away with his southern harmonica songs. There was a good attendance considering nearly every town and village in Dorset had a live band playing this weekend, including trawler race day in Weymouth.The weather held out for the STREET FAIR on sunday, this year we moved the stage to outside the church powered by Meg’s bedside power sockets. THE DAZE found out what it was like to play sober in daylight and were shocked how grubby their leads were. Richard and Henry turned up the volume for the full rock and roll stadium experience only to have the community police officers turn it back down again. Still, the Harley Davison crew seemed to enjoy them.
The EMERGENCY DJ’s filled the gaps with their car-boot collections of dusty old vinyl records. BOREDBRAND showcased their incredible virtual coconut shy this year and wowed the crowd with promises of potentially winning a speed boat.
BOY LE MONTI stole the show with their increasingly popular mixture of ska and rock steady covers.It is always a challenge on STREET FAIR day to satisfy the diverse tastes of the crowd and stall holders in an acoustically challenging street.
If anyone has any better ideas for the siting of the stage, or would like to give us some feedback then please jump on the forum and get involved!A huge thank you to everyone who did get involved this year with BAND-ON.co.uk and hopefully we’ll see you all again at the end of the summer!!