Sunday June 19th 2011
FAIR: 12 – 5pm
BAND: ‘Ship of fools’ 5 – 9.30pm

Traditionally we have had a street fair in Evershot. However we felt it was time to try something new . Last year we decided that as we are in such a wonderful part of Dorset with an enormous variety of great food producers, we would have a food hall. We invited about 35 local food producers from an area of only ten miles from our village. This was so successful largely due to the standard of people who came to show what they do,

We have now decided to widen the theme of great Dorset skilled people to include rural crafts. We have found over 20 people willing to come and Bang the Drum for Dorset we have so far

Stone mason
Stone mason/ stone carving
Stone waller
Willow sculpture
Handcrafted oak garden furniture
The farrier
The felt lady
Dorset bio diversity partnership
Hurdle maker
Traditional, rare and modern breeds of poultry and waterfowl,
Woodland management hedge laying
Windsor chair maker
Long bows yurts and trugs
Animal portraits
Wood carving / timber framing
Woodland heritage trust
Pole lathe
Wood turner
Wood mill and demo
Dorset wildlife trust
Magdelen farm project
Environmental education centre

These people are coming to demonstrate their skills or show the results of their skills. It really is about letting the world know how lucky we are having such a huge diversity of skilled people on our doorstep. There will obviously be some of the usual Village type stalls. Plus some static steam engines and the amazing food hall.

The setting will be in the grounds of the old Estate office buildings, now home to one of our generous village residents. It will now also take in the village cricket ground. The Event will hopefully raise money for the Village and will be split between the Church, Village Hall, Play group, The Village fund and the School.

We will also have a local band playing for us in the evening. ‘Ship of Fools’ is an exciting 9 piece contemporary folk band offering a varied and versatile set to suit all tastes.

“Seriously, that gig last night is now in my top 5, and that top five includes Billy Bragg, the Birthday Party and Polly Harvey in Bridport last year. Which means you pushed The Jam in 1979 to number 6. It was a completely joyous night, and you are a completely joyous band.”

If you can find the time to come and join us or would like to know more contact me on:

01935 83520 or at jacknsteve@hotmail.co.uk Or you could ring me at the Bakery 01935 83379 or D.Kaile on 01935 83155

website: SHIP OF FOOLS

Steve Crate