A big thanks to everyone who came to the first ever public EMERGENCY DJ DISCO. Over £150 was taken on the door and the bar was drunk dry. Lara turned up in roller skates and BIG NANCY stole the show. Thanks to my very own Sarah Langley for organising the event, Spike Golding for sending me pictures and wearing a wicked hat. Sliced Bread for keeping it real, my friends who came all the way down from Poole, especially Claire Sweeny who drove them all home, to all the teenagers who came and danced and didn’t trash anything…Thanks to everyone who helped Pete Baccarrach run the bar, thanks to Sarah Bernsen for decorating the hall… Thanks to all the kids for making us think being a dj was cool. Thanks to Not Bothered for bothering to bring himself, his music, his speakers and his projector… and nothing crashed! But the biggest shout goes to Big Nancy for saving everyone from the Emergency Dj’s relentless 70’s disco set. All proceeds went to the Village Hall, where many of our children go to The Little Acorns Playgroup.


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p.s. If anyone has any more pictures or wants to post a comment here – then drop me an email and I’ll endeavour to post them!!