Evershot hosted it’s first ever Battle of the Bands on Saturday the 22nd April 2006, the event was very well attended. The competition was open to the first eight bands who got their applications in before the deadline. All bands had to be Dorset based, un-signed and under 30. Band play order was pulled out of a hat [actually it was Karen’s hands in the car park].

TAKE IT AS RED were unlucky to play first as the audience was a little thin at 8.00pm but they opened the show with a cracking set including a Jimi Hendrix cover, it was their first ever public performance and they were superb.

Each band were asked to play one cover and two of their own original compositions.

THRUSH were next, followed by PARIAH and then PALINGENESIS… all giving confident performances.

THRUSH kept us all in suspense with a few technical problems which PARIAH’s drummer and guitarist gallantly helped them with [something about a pedal and a lead].

WILLY BORRELL was right when he told us PARIAH were going to set us on fire! Because they did with a NIRVANA cover and ‘Run away from life’ which helped them win the Beaminister school Battle of the Bands this year when they played as OBSEQUEY. The current line-up had been formed just five hours prior to performance.

PALINGENESIS frightened the young and the old with their fabulous make-up and their cover of ‘You Spin Me’ by ‘Dead or Alive’ was truly memorable. Zacharly, the gravely voiced singer lead the band with great stage presence.

MANTRA our youngest contestants proved to be very popular with their audience, wooing the crowd with a RADIOHEAD cover and enviable naturally curly hair. They did amazing well up against much older contestants with un-naturally coloured hair.

Resident DJ and VJ – NOT BOTHERED did quite well colour mixing stolen footage and projecting onto the stage until someone decided to accidently unplug his extension cable and crashed his impressive set-up. Bands are now queuing up for his wacky visual projection services and you can contact him here

3 MINUTE HEROS were the last minute heroes stepping into the lime light at short notice as two of the original applicants dropped out. They played a stunningly tight set despite the stage lights failing and the projector blowing up. Un-phased they played on in semi-darkness and then under the harsh reality lighting of a single 100watt light bulb. True professionals. Their RAZORLIGHT cover amused our compare WILLY BORRELL as his brother did the original. Thanks to John Grimshaw’s heroics, a 8ft step ladder in the middle of the dance floor and a spot of rewiring the lights miraclously came back to life for their final song.

THE DAZE proved they had it what it took to win the peoples vote. The dance floor was heaving, the girls were screaming, the mums were crying and even the Dad’s put their drinks down to clap a bit. THE DAZE were the undisputed winners of the First ever Evershot Battle of the Bands, with the fullest shoebox of votes.

THE DAZE will be playing at the Evershot Street fair on the May 28th.

BOY LE MONTI the vintage ska band wound it back and after two or three tracks our ear drums were nearly fully functional and the floorboards bounced until gone midnight with everybody dancing.

None of this would have been possible without the brilliant sound engineering skills of MES sound. Henry, Richard and Geoff all turned up at 3 in the afternoon and stayed to the bitter end. They took no stick from any of the bands and whipped the chaos into a slick and professional performance. Not once were we subjected screeching feedback, missing vocals or white noise. Brilliant.

Thanks to everyone front of house and behind the bar for making another BAND-ON event a huge success.

If you have pictures you would like us to post then please send them to us via email. If your band has a website then please let us know. If there is a band that you think should play Evershot… then get it touch!